Frequently Asked Questions

What languages do you offer at Intellect?
Intellect offers a total of six languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Bulgarian for foreigners. We offer English and German in year-round programs for children, and French, Spanish and Italian courses for children are available on an individual basis. Classes happen both on-site at our offices and on the learners' premises.

How big are the groups in Intellect?
The language learning groups have a maximum size of 10 students. We believe that when we train students in smaller groups, the training is of higher quality. In this way, we are able to pay attention to each of our clients and provide enough time for him/her to be able to practice everything they have learned. Often we also do smaller groups in order to achieve an optimal time-quality ratio.

How do I choose a language course from the ones you offer?
On our website we have created a special functionality, based on which you can choose the right course for you. If you have decided to learn a foreign language, you need to take an entrance test for the specific language that will accurately determine your level. For your convenience we have created a special platform for determining language level: Once we receive your test, we contact you within the day and offer you a suitable level to enrol in.

Do you work in the "I can too" program?
We have been an official provider of the "I Can Too" programme for 6 years and have trained over 1200 people to date. The program is active again, however, you must have your educational background in mind in order to apply for grant training. Only persons who have completed high school are eligible. If you have a university degree, you cannot benefit from a training voucher.

Is there a deferred payment option in Intellect?
Our trainings are normally three-month and year-round. We have therefore left the option open for our clients to pay for their training in two/four instalments respectively. Please note that when paying in instalments, there is a 10% mark-up in the price of the courses /for three-month courses/. Also, in case of difficulties in payment, you can contact the branch administrator for a personal solution.

How can I sign up for a course at Intellect?
In order to enroll in our course you need to take an entrance test to determine your level. Such a test is not necessary if you start learning a foreign language from the beginning. Once we have determined your level, we will provide you with a schedule of start dates and course affiliates. You will need to visit our office where we will prepare your personal portfolio and training contract.

What are the qualifications of teachers at Intellect language schools?
The qualification of our teachers is an important variable in the success formula. Our team is made up entirely of philologists and educators, people who have specialised abroad. Many of them have worked at Intellect for many years, others have joined in the last few. We pride ourselves on an outstanding team of young, committed and motivated people, a prerequisite for the quality training of our students.

Do you issue a certificate after completing a course at Schools Intellect?
After each level is completed, our students receive a certificate for that level. The condition to receive our certificate is that you have attended more than 70% of our course and have a score above 60%. Failure to meet the pass criteria invalidates the claim to a certificate. We strive to do our best to teach you a foreign language.

Are there any discounts for training at Intellect?
We have several discounts you can take advantage of:

  • оdiscount for 100% success in the tests - every student who manages to show 100% success in the exams receives a 20% discount on the next course.
  • 10% discount for students who have completed training with us.
  • 10% discount for a second family member.
  • 15% discount for customers with "Loyal Customer" card.

What level do I need to cover to be able to make it in a foreign country?
Normally, to gain confidence in your communication, you need to have at least three language levels of the European Framework of Reference for Languages, i.e. level B1. The three levels are supposed to lay a solid foundation in language knowledge and will enable you to communicate fluently through the language. Completion of levels B2 and C1 is considered to have high language potential.

Can I take two language courses at the same time?
Learning a language is a highly personal experience. While there are people who can learn a foreign language in parallel, there are also those who "mix" the knowledge of both languages and put unnecessary strain on their intellectual system. We recommend that you learn the languages sequentially. This is a sure guarantee of successful mastery. Exceptions are children who have a strong adaptive ability and are proficient in 2 foreign languages.

After completing one level, can I immediately enroll in a second level?
As usual, our program has provided the opportunity to enroll in a subsequent course. Best practice shows that the highest efficiency in learning a foreign language is experienced by students who have studied 3 consecutive levels. This is the intensity we recommend: three language levels and a small break after them, so that your mind can get used to its new development and make full use of what you have learned.

What success measurement tools do you use at Intellect?
Although learning a foreign language is not an exact science, we have a very systematic system for measuring our students' performance. We assess reading, listening, writing and speaking. After each lesson, we give a short test; in addition to the short tests, students complete interim ones as well as a final test. Based on all these parameters, combined with the teacher's comments, the final assessment of the learners is prepared.