At Intellect, we are pleased to present our Italian language courses specifically designed for a Bulgarian audience. Over the years, Italy has been known for its rich history, art and, of course, cuisine. Our mission is to immerse you in the language and culture of this great country. Our teachers are experienced and love what they do - teaching students how to clarify and apply the Italian language in the real world. Learning Italian is more than just speaking a new language; it is the opportunity to experience and understand a unique culture. We look forward to revealing the beauty of the Italian language to you!

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Italian, B1
07.03.2024 г.
Office Borovo
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  • Thursday — 16:00
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What do you need to know before you start?

What else is the Italian language if not the language of love. In Intellect you can master the speech of Boccaccio, Gianni Rodari and Umberto Eco with ease. Italian language courses are taught using modern learning systems, and you need at least three levels of the European Framework of Reference for Languages to be confident in using Italian.

Italian language courses at Intellect Language Schools are the perfect way to learn more about Italy and the Italian culture and environment and to communicate with ease. With us you will gain confident competence in your language skills. Both at the elementary A1/A2 level and at the higher B1/2 or C1/2 level, students will be able to understand the foreign language, tell stories, converse independently with the necessary vocabulary, and write free text.

Our teachers try every day to build interest in the Italian language and to make all the people in the group express themselves even in everyday language in a formal and informal environment, to discuss everyday problems, to express opinions. The Progetto italiano system touches on topics suitable for adults, as well as specific vocabulary in academic and professional Italian with references to social topics. Mastering the different nuances of speech means developing your skills and knowledge.

  • For beginners — A1
  • For intermediate — A2
  • For advanced — B1
  • For highly advanced — B2
  • For professionals — C1
  • For prospective students
  • Job interviews
  • Individual sessions
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What do people think of us?

Our customers are our mirror. It is extremely important for us to receive sincere feedback about training with us.

Client who has completed training in

Italian, A1

Very good teacher with a broken down teaching approach that met my expectations. I would continue my studies at a later stage.

Client who has completed training in

English, B1

Everything was extremely helpful for me! I was able to improve my level, and working with the tutor was more than a pleasure!

Client who has completed training in

German, A1.1

The course was fulfilling and most importantly I learned new things and remembered old ones. :) Thank you for everything, I wish you health and success!

Client who has completed training in

English, C1

At the moment I am very satisfied with the training and the teacher. We are currently a group of 6 and I think it is optimal, if we were more it would be difficult for everyone to actively participate.

Client who has completed training in

English, B1

Everything was helpful - the explanations of the rules, the grammar exercises, the reading comprehension tests.

Client who has completed training in

German, A2.1

I'm still taking the course, but I would say I'm finding it extremely useful: - The right attitude of our teacher, we are in different age groups and goals and she finds the way and the way to motivate us to build up .

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