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With the development of international business and communications, foreign language skills are becoming a necessity for companies. More and more people are rightly looking for foreign language training. With our training courses, your employees will develop and improve their skills so that they can easily and seamlessly communicate freely with customers and partners.

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23 years

We teach English to you and your children.

750 000

Test that we have verified over the years.


Обучени компании, от 2000-та<br> година до днес.

41 000

Обучени курсисти от 2000-та<br> година до днес.

What do we offer our customers?

  • English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, as well as Bulgarian for foreigners.
  • Trainings aimed in different directions: general, business, specialized, conversational.
  • Flexible and convenient schedule of classes, tailored to the capabilities of the specific company.
  • Training conducted by highly qualified teachers.
  • Trainings with native speakers.
  • Certification with verification.
  • Original learning systems.
  • Full accountability and control over the training conducted.
  • Language audits.
  • Preparation of individual offers tailored to the specifics and needs of each client.
  • Different types of training: group, individual and semi-individual.
  • Using an effective training methodology.
  • Indidivual corporate discounts for our customers.

Main advantages

The best time to start learning a foreign language is today.

Language audit

Language auditing is one of the main services that corporate clients use when developing staff or hiring new staff.

Flexible schedule

Flexible scheduling is important for all people with busy lives and busy workflows. Our experts will make the best program.


Each of the trained persons will receive a verified and internationally recognized certificate, verifiable from any point.

Native Speaker

At Intellect, you have the opportunity to study with expert philologists as well as native speakers.

Corporate discounts

Corporate clients of Intellect have the opportunity to use preferential conditions for organizing trainings in virtual classrooms.

Interactive technologies

The best time to start learning a foreign language is Today. No matter what the number of years, it's never too late to start developing your Intellect.

Your supervisor account
  • It is possible to generate data for different periods and different people.
  • Constant feedback to account manager.
  • Real-time traceability of learner outcomes.
  • Personalized development plan for learners.

One step at a time

The best time to start learning a foreign language is today.

Contact us

Contact us, inform us about your team's goals and needs and we will prepare the best training proposal. Upon approval of our offer, we will perform a language audit on each training candidate to accurately determine the level.

We specify details

Once we have determined your language level, one of our teaching assistants will advise you on the most appropriate training programme and prepare a successful development plan for you. Based on the determined levels of the training candidates and all the parameters from step 3, we form groups.

Creating profiles

We create learner profiles on the Intellect platform, generate access logins for each one and send emails with the necessary training details.

Our satisfied customers

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What do people think of us?

Our customers are our mirror. It is extremely important for us to receive sincere feedback about training with us.

Client who has completed training in

English, C1

At the moment I am very satisfied with the training and the teacher. We are currently a group of 6 and I think it is optimal, if we were more it would be difficult for everyone to actively participate.

Client who has completed training in

Italian, A1

With gratitude for the very high and professional level of teaching - with dedication and at the same time - flexibility to the level of learners, optimal pace, clear and concise presentation of grammar rules.

Client who has completed training in

English, B1

Everything was helpful - the explanations of the rules, the grammar exercises, the reading comprehension tests.

Client who has completed training in

English, A2

The most useful thing was that we communicated mainly in English, we had the opportunity to listen and practice speaking.

Client who has completed training in

English, B1

I would like to express my immense gratitude to my tutor, thank you for your professional attitude, patience and calmness. I was very comfortable throughout, I felt no anxiety and things happened with ease. I am also grateful for the invaluable advice and support and I would like to say that the training was very useful for me. I would recommend Intellect to anyone interested in language training. Thank you once again.

Client who has completed training in

Italian, A1

Very good teacher with a broken down teaching approach that met my expectations. I would continue my studies at a later stage.

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