Spanish, B1

Общи курсове

Who is it suitable for?

B1 level builds communication skills consistent with the learners' life experiences and interests, their linguistic competence and knowledge of an easy way of learning a foreign language. At the same time the four basic skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing - are being developed.

What will you be able to do after the course?

To be able to speak and write in the Past Tense; to talk about holidays and sport; to talk about different celebrations; to be able to ask for and give information about directions in the city.

What will you be able to do after the course?

To be able to speak and write in the Past Tense; to talk about holidays and sport; to talk about different celebrations; to be able to ask for and give information about directions in the city.

Урок 1
Преговор на Pretérito perfecto и Pretérito Indefinido 180 мин.
Конструкцията "estaba + gerundio"; изразяване на предпочитания 180 мин.
Конструкцията "llevar + gerundio"; изразяване на продължителност 180 мин.
Урок 2
Текущ тест към урок 1 20 мин.
Употреба на глаголите "ser" и "estar" 160 мин.
Бъдеще просто време - правилни и неправилни глаголи 180 мин.
Употреба на глагола "parecer" - изразяване на мнение 180 мин.
Урок 3
Текущ тест към урок 2 20 мин.
Повелително наклонение - положителни заповедни форми 160 мин.
Изразяване на инструкции и заповеди 180 мин.
Изразяване на задължение 180 мин.
Урок 4
Текущ тест към урок 3 20 мин.
Изразяване на вероятност - условни изречения 160 мин.
Безлични форми - употреба и образуване 180 мин.
Употреба на "Pretérito Pluscuamperfecto de Indicativo" – изразяване на минало действие, извършено преди друго минало действие 180 мин.
Урок 5
Текущ тест кум урок 4 20 мин.
Пряка и непряка реч 160 мин.
Преобразуване на пряка реч в непряка - особености 180 мин.
Извличане на информация от новини 180 мин.
Урок 6
Текущ тест към урок 5 20 мин.
Подчинително наклонение. Изразяване на желание. 160 мин.
Изготвяне на препоръки и изразяване на съвети. 180 мин.
Бъдеще перфектно време - употреба 180 мин.
Урок 7
Текущ тест към урок 6 20 мин.
Употреба на "cuando" и подчинително наклонение. 160 мин.
Употреба на "esperar + que + subjuntivo" и "esperar + infinitivo" 180 мин.
Преговор. 120 мин.
Текущ тест към урок 7 20 мин.
Финален тест. 40 мин.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Courses at Intellect usually last between 2 and 3 months, during which time one language level is covered. In these hours you have included, in addition to live classes, work in our intelligent platform Intellect Modus.
Classes are usually held twice a week for 3 astronomical hours. It is possible that the course may be of a different intensity if this is necessary for you to get into the material more quickly.
Yes, we offer both face-to-face and online courses, on a dedicated language school platform called Intellect. If you would like to take a look at our online courses, visit
Our teachers are qualified and have many years of experience in teaching foreign languages. You can view their profiles on our website or ask our administrator.
Each lesson includes grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking and writing so that you can adequately develop all your senses. The programme is well balanced and gradually guides you through the language.
All teaching materials are purchased additionally. Intellect can provide you with materials, and you have the option to provide your own materials in case you already have the textbook or wish to obtain it yourself.
Yes, we offer a free placement test that determines your language level with great accuracy. In most cases, we will ask you to complete this test to make sure that this really is your level and the group you are in is for you.
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Client who has completed training in

German, A2.1

I'm still taking the course, but I would say I'm finding it extremely useful: - The right attitude of our teacher, we are in different age groups and goals and she finds the way and the way to motivate us to build up .

Client who has completed training in

Italian, A1

With gratitude for the very high and professional level of teaching - with dedication and at the same time - flexibility to the level of learners, optimal pace, clear and concise presentation of grammar rules.

Client who has completed training in

Bulgarian Spelling and Punctuation

I would like to give our lady an Excellent rating because she is an Excellent educator and teacher. She was very good in leading our lessons, giving us the extra exercises and presenting the grammar in a very structured and synthesized way.

Client who has completed training in

English, B1

Everything was extremely helpful for me! I was able to improve my level, and working with the tutor was more than a pleasure!

Client who has completed training in

Italian, B1

Definitely the attitude of the teacher played a part, the teacher gave her all to help us learn the basics. She was quite understanding, explaining in detail. The material we took was very good. Thanks!

Client who has completed training in

Italian, A2

I have no recommendations for the school. I am satisfied with the course and will enroll in the next level.

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