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Teaching children requires a strong refinement of the language skills of the little ones. That is why it is important to have an individual meeting with each child in order to provide the most adequate training program.

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Once we have determined your language level, our colleague-methodologist will advise you on the most appropriate training programme and prepare a successful development plan for you.

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What better solution for your child than to develop intellectually? We are here to provide you with the best English language education.

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Our customers are our mirror. It is extremely important for us to receive sincere feedback about training with us.

Client who has completed training in

German, B1.2

I have no recommendations, you are great. You've achieved optimal workload with two visits a week. The volume of new material is also optimal. For the class end time, if we have questions there is an extension of a few minutes which is a positive. Sorry I didn't find you sooner.

Client who has completed training in

Bulgarian Spelling and Punctuation

I would like to give our lady an Excellent rating because she is an Excellent educator and teacher. She was very good in leading our lessons, giving us the extra exercises and presenting the grammar in a very structured and synthesized way.

Client who has completed training in

English, B2

Every lesson was useful and taught with interest for me.

Client who has completed training in

German, A2.2

So far I am impressed with the patience, responsiveness, diligence, and attention I receive from our teacher. An exceptional teacher, I say this from the position of a teacher with over 30 years experience. A heartfelt thank you! I did not expect to have so much knowledge and develop my reading, speaking and writing skills in German after two weeks of training.

Client who has completed training in

Italian, A2

I have no recommendations for the school. I am satisfied with the course and will enroll in the next level.

Client who has completed training in

English, B1

Everything was helpful - the explanations of the rules, the grammar exercises, the reading comprehension tests.

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